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Like The Items, You Should Leave This Scam Behind

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(I’m working at a store over the holiday season. A woman comes up to the register. I have seen this woman a couple times, and each time she has claimed that she or a family member purchased something earlier and forgot to grab it, and that a member of management told them they could come back to get it. We ALWAYS communicate things like this, so she is always turned away. Finally, a fourth time has occurred.)

Woman: *handing things over to be scanned* “Are you having a good day today?”

Me: “I am, ma’am.” *notices several items still in her cart, concealed* “Would you mind handing me those items to scan?”

Woman: “Oh, my daughter paid for these earlier; a lady manager said it’d be okay if I came and got them.”

(We don’t have any female managers at this time. Also, any paid-for merchandise left behind stays behind the counter where all customers are instructed to go to retrieve it.)

Me: “Ma’am, we do not have any female managers here. Can I please scan the items? No communication was left about these items being left.”

Woman: “This is stupid. What kind of service is this? These have been paid for. The lady manager told me I could take them.”

Me: “I am sorry, again, but we have no female managers here. I can scan the items and see if we sold any recently, and look up the transactions, if you wish?”

Woman: “What kind of service this is?! Are you calling me a thief?”

Me: “Not in so many words, but you have come in several times and used this same story. Each time, no manager knew what you were speaking of, and none of those items had been sold recently. I can only suspect they were not bought here. It would help if you didn’t come to the same store and the same cashier every time.”

Woman: “The guy last time had a beard! I want my items.”

Me: “It’s called a razor blade. And if you attempt to take these, I will call the cops.”

Woman: “Maybe my daughter was mistaken. I don’t know.”

(She quietly paid for the items and left… and tried the same ruse two more times with other cashiers.)

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