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Like Giving Candy To A Baby

, , , , | Hopeless | June 2, 2016

(I live in a small subdivision with mostly working class families. We all try to watch out for everyone else’s kids when they are playing together outside. I hop in my car to go down to the local convenience store and pass my kid playing with a group of about ten other kids a couple blocks away.)

My Kid: “Bye! Have a good night at work!”

Me: “I’m just going to the store. I’ll be right back.”

(All the other kids start jokingly calling out orders. I drive to the store and buy what I needed. As I’m being rung up I see a box of candies that are 15 cents each. I buy the whole box. When the cashier gave me an odd look, I just say:)

Me: “I’m about to make it rain.”

(Driving back I pass the same group of kids, slow down, and just start flinging candy out the window.)

Me: “It’s a parade!”

Kids: “YAAAAAY!” *start scrambling for the candies*

Me: *out the window as I drive off* “EVERYBODY SHARE WITH EVERYONE ELSE!”

(I get home and sit on my porch. A few minutes later the kids stampede past me.)

Me: “Where are you guys going?”

Kid: *out of breath from running* “You said share, so we’re going to go split it with the kids up the hill!”

(They ran about eight blocks to share their loot with kids they weren’t even playing with at the time who would never have known about it if they hadn’t shared. I have never been more proud of those little hooligans. It cost me less than twenty, bucks, but the feeling I get when I think about it… Can’t put a price-tag on that.)

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