Like A Dog Chasing Its Own Tail

| | Right | August 24, 2008

Customer: “Do you have this shoe in a size 6? My son needs a size six.”

Me: “Ahh… no, I’m sorry. It seems we’re all out of that size.”

Customer: “But, there’s a size six right there.”

(She points to a shoe that is a completely different style.)

Me: “Yes, but that’s a different style shoe. We stock them alphabetically on the riser, but on the shelves we show them by price.”

Customer: “Just give me that six, then!”

Me: “Sure thing.” *hands her the box*

Customer: “This isn’t the shoe I wanted.”

Me: “I know. Even though I just told you that we are out of size six in the style you wanted, you still asked to see this one.”

Customer: “I don’t want this one. Put it back.”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: “What about this style shoe?”

Me: “Unfortunately, there aren’t any size sixes left in that style either.”

Customer: “But there’s a six RIGHT THERE.”

(Note that she is pointing to the box I JUST put back.)

Me: “That is a different shoe style, and you already looked at that EXACT box.”


Me: “Okay.” *hands her the box*

Customer: “This isn’t the style that I wanted!”

Me: “…”

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