Lightning Can Strike Twice

| Santa Rosa, CA, USA | Learning | April 17, 2015

(My religious studies professor has an unconventional, very theatrical teaching method. He is teaching a class on the history of belief in Satan in the Abrahamic religions, and on this particular day, the lecture is about the rise of Protestant thought. It also happens to be the rainy season in our area, so there is a bit of a storm going on outside.)

Professor: *at the end of a very impassioned speech about the problems of Catholicism in the late Middle Ages* “…so they said, F*** THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!”

(Lightning immediately flashes outside, followed by very loud thunder.)

Class: *erupts in laughter*

(Later that day, I told this story to a Catholic friend, who immediately gave me a high five. Still later, I related it to a Lutheran friend, who also high-fived me, for completely opposite reasons. This one could go either way, I guess!)

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