Lifting Inside The Box

| UK | Learning | October 9, 2016

(One of the deputies just got the Head job and is moving her stuff to the bigger office. She clatters around packing for over an hour and then emerges with a single box of stuff.)

Secretary #1: “Do you need a hand carrying the rest of your stuff?”

Deputy: “Oh, no, I’m fine, thanks.”

Secretary #1: “It’s no bother; I’ll come and grab another box.”

Deputy: “There are no other boxes.” *sets the box on the front desk*

Secretary #2: “Then where’s the rest of your stuff?”

Deputy: “This… this is all my stuff.”

Secretary #1: “But you had so much… How have you fit everything in there?!”

Deputy: “Well…” *picks up the box again* “Arthur Weasley’s car is nothing compared to my crate box.”

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