Lift Me A Misogynist

| USA | Working | November 22, 2012

(My brother, a friend of his, and myself are at a furniture store picking up his new living room set. My brother and I are both average height and stocky, but his friend, who is female, is pretty petite. However, as she works a very physically demanding job, she is *much* stronger than she looks. We’ve brought my SUV down and my brother’s truck. There’s the couch, an ottoman, and a chair, but before we can start moving them, this happens.)

Store Manager: “Aww, did you bring your little girlfriend so she could make sure you picked a good couch?”

My Brother: “Um, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s here to help us move the furniture.”

Store Manager: “Her?! She’s too small to be useful!”

Me: “Go tell her that. Better yet, try physically stopping her from helping.”

Store Manager: *to her* “Don’t try to pick that up. You’ll hurt yourself! It’s very heavy!”

(My brother’s friend grabs the plastic bail binding and lifts it easily up and down.)

Her: “Can’t be more than 70 pounds.”

Store Manager: “It’s too heavy for girls!”

(The store manager tries to take it from her, but she sets it down.)

Her: “Buddy, I’m going to say this once. I came down here to your store to help my friend pick up his furniture order. I didn’t come here to hear your useless prattle about women. I suggest you stay out of my way before you hurt yourself!”


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