Life Plans Are Kind Of My Life…

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(In my college town, I run into a friend I haven’t seen since middle school, over 15 years ago. We quickly agree to meet for dinner to catch up.)

Me: “So, we’ve been living in this same small town for the last four years, and we’ve never run into each other!”

Friend: “That’s crazy; I know!”

Me: “I do feel kind of bad about it; I’m moving to [West Coast City] in two months.”

Friend: “You’re not going to do that now, are you?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Friend: “All of my friends are my wife’s friends. I don’t really have any guy friends.”

Me: “Well, that sucks, and I’d be happy to hang out more between now and my move, but this is a big deal and I’m going to move.”

(He abruptly changes the subject. Later that same evening we are at a bar and I meet his wife.)

Wife: “So, you’re moving to [West Coast City]?! When?”

Me: “In August.”

Wife: “That’s so exciting! I’m really excited for you!”

(My friend grabs her attention quickly and whispers something I can’t hear. She gets visibly annoyed and I can make out what she’s saying.)

Wife: *to him* “I’m not going to demand he change his life plans because you guys just reconnected!”

(The three of us didn’t find an opportunity to hang out again before I left.)

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