Life Is Not So Sim-ple

| Friendly | August 5, 2016

(I’m playing a popular simulation game and decide to make me and my housemates in the game. Their interactions are uncanny, and one housemate particularly enjoys watching them as I play. One day, she asks me to get her an in-game partner. It’s worth noting that for the past couple of years, she’s had terrible luck with real life relationships, including some stalking behavior from her most recent ex.)

Me: “So, what kind of partner do you want?”

Housemate: “The maid is pretty. What about her?”

(It takes about two game-days for the characters to fall completely in love, and on the third day…)

Me: “Er, [Housemate], it looks like your girlfriend quit her job. We have a new maid.”

Housemate: “That’s weird. Can I see her anyway?”

Me: “I can’t find her anywhere! She’s not even in your relationship panel anymore. I don’t know how to tell you this… but I think your girlfriend skipped town.”

Housemate: “What?! Well, that’s just… typical.” *pouts*

(I wound up creating her a new partner and making her part of our household so nothing like that would happen again. The weirdest part was about a week later, when her ex suddenly reappeared in the game as a maid, wandered into our house, poked around, and then left, this time for good. She couldn’t be interacted with. My housemate was muttering “F***ing typical” the whole time!)

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