Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

| WA, USA | Learning | September 7, 2015

(In a film class, we’re divided into groups for a competition between our classmates. In my group there’s me, my boyfriend, another girl, and another boy. We’re discussing what we should do.)

Me: “Okay, do we want to do a drama, comedy, horror?”

Everyone: “Let’s do a comedy.”

Me: “Okay, what do we want it to be about?”

Boy: “Well, we could do something about awkward situations.”

Girl: “Yeah, like we could have someone just walking around and awkward things happen to them. I think [Boy] should be it because he looks so innocent.”

Boyfriend: “Like someone is trying to pee in an empty bathroom and someone chooses the urinal next to him.”

Me: “And we could have one part where he overhears two girls talking about their periods.”

Girl: “Yeah, my friends and I do it all the time.”

(She and I start talking about awkward period stories and get really gross and in depth about every little detail, all the while my boyfriend is laughing. Finally we turn and see [Boy] sunk into his chair as deep as he can go, face bright red and looking horrified.)

Me: “That’s it. We’re doing this and you have to be just uncomfortable as you are now.”

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