Life Beat You To It

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(My dad has decided he is going to invent a board game, so there are papers with ideas lying around the place. Mum has decided to clean up.)

Dad: “Don’t throw those out; that’s the game I’ve invented.”

Mum: “You invented a game, really?”

Dad: “Yes. As soon as I get it completely done, I’m going to sell it to a game company and make a fortune.” *he then describes the game in detail to Mum*

(A few days later Mum goes shopping and brings home a game. She puts it in front of Dad.)

Mum:  “There you go; there’s your game.”

Dad: “What? Someone stole my idea; I’ve been working on that for months!”

Mum: “It’s been out for years. I thought it sounded familiar when you described it to me.”

(For the record, the game was “The Game of Life.”)

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  • Klaus Hellnick

    Yeah, about 40 years. It used to be good, but they changed a bunch of stuff about 20 years ago to make it more “politically correct”.

    • ColdHeart322

      I’m curious how it was changed that ruined it so much? Does the American version randomly assign you a political party or something?

  • Josh

    It was originally created in 1860 with the current version out in 1960, so it’s definitely older than Dad, and possibly even the modern version is older.

  • Marcel

    Tell your dad that there are thousands of boardgames, a few hundred new ones are published every year and for every published game there are 10 new games that nobody wants to publish (except the designers themselves.)
    For a person like this dad, who sounds like he is not into boardgames at all (if all you can come up with is a simple roll and move game, you do not know anything about designing games) chances of him designing a good game and getting it published are minimal