The Lies Will Set You Free… From Employment

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A coworker who works evenings called in sick. We managed to get someone to cover his shift and everything seemed fine.

Management and employees are all pretty friendly with each other, so it’s a very relaxed atmosphere; apparently, so relaxed that the coworker felt very comfortable coming in to buy alcohol during the time he was supposedly “sick” and bragging about how he just wanted the night off for a party. He bragged to the supervisor on hand.

He denied doing it later when my manager brought him in to talk about it, even with multiple witnesses. Despite this, my manager gave him a chance and told him that as long as he admitted to what he’d done and was sincere in his apology, there wouldn’t be any disciplinary action.

He swore up and down he didn’t do it and was fired on the spot since multiple witnesses were present in the shop and another co-worker — who actually had the night off — saw him at the party.

My manager just couldn’t trust him after that.

Later I heard him threatening the other coworker for “grassing him up” about it.

Honesty is sometimes better than a bold-faced lie.

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