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License To Be A Jerk

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For the last two years, I have renewed our business license. The first time, I did it because I was asked due to our business manager being a massive flake, causing it to expire. The second time, we were in the middle of a global health crisis and I was the only one actively coming into the office. Spending two seconds to be reimbursed $45 so my boss wasn’t stressed out seemed polite. I informed him I was doing it and the manager whose job it was took issue.

She called me two minutes after I sent the text informing both of them it was renewed.

Manager: *Peeved* “What exactly did you do?”

Me: “I renewed the business li—”

Manager: *Aggressively* “Who told you to do that? Who? Did [Boss]? You shouldn’t be doing these things without permission. So who told you to do that?”

She ranted for the next five minutes. When I was finally able to speak, I said:

Me: “Uh… [Boss] told me to do that to make your life easier.”

Manager: “Okay, then.”

Of course, I did not receive an apology for her jumping down my throat, nor thanks for doing her job.

Fast forward to this year. I see the letter and decide to ignore it. She takes the letter a few days later. Two months later, our license expires and we get a notice.

Boss: “Hey, [Manager], our license expired.”

Manager: “Whose job was it to renew it? [My Name]?”

Me: *Cheerfully* “Yours.”

Manager: “That can’t be right. You renewed it last year.”

Me: “And you jumped down my throat and told me not to do it again, so I didn’t.”

Manager: “…”

Me: “…”

Boss: “Well, [My Name], can you call them for us and see what we need to do to remedy this?”

Me: “Gladly.”

I know it was spiteful, but don’t yell at me not to do something and expect me to do it for you anyway!

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