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License To Be A Jerk

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To use the pool car, you sign it out and make a note of where you’re going, the miles completed, and the fuel used. It’s an insurance thing and it stops fuel from running out unexpectedly if there is an emergency.

Manager: “Whoever used the car last, it’s in a state. Make sure that you don’t leave it in a mess and that you fill out the folder.”

I’m pretty sure [Coworker] used it last, which makes sense as he leaves everything else in a mess.

Me: “Yeah, I hate having to tidy up after others. People should at least try to keep things tidy.”

Coworker: “Why? Why bother? It’s just a car. Not like it’s your own.”

I’ve seen [Coworker]’s car; it’s disgusting.

Me: “I see customers in that thing. I can’t turn up in a rubbish heap! I drove it the other day and my clothes were filthy.”

Coworker: “Well, if you need it clean, then clean it.”

Typical [Coworker]; he doesn’t care who he screws over. Before I can say anything else, the manager comes back in.

Manager: “Whoever took the car last, you left several items in it. Please come to see me if you want them back.”

[Coworker] checks his pockets.

Coworker: “Fine! It was me.”

Manager: “[Coworker]? We told you that you were not to drive the car after you had your licence revoked.”

Coworker: “It doesn’t count; I’m driving on the company’s insurance.”

Manager: “Yes. Yes, it does.” *Sighs* “Just… just step into my office.”

Turns out [Coworker] was driving without a licence and therefore wasn’t covered by insurance. He also took the company car for personal use, something strictly against the rules. He still works there but got a major disciplinary.

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