Libraries Fighting Ignorance: Needed Now More Than Ever

, , , | Right | June 30, 2018

(I work at a public library. I’ve experienced many dumb people and a ton of stupid questions. I worry about the future of our world sometimes. While libraries aren’t as popular as they used to be, most people know how a library works. Not this time. A patron walks up to me at the circulation desk with a few books. I assume she wants to check them out, so I kindly ask for her library card.)

Patron: “What’s that? Why do I need that?!”

Me: “In order to check out books you’ll have to have a card. The books you check out will be put on your account; that way we know who has them and when they are due back.”

Patron: “That is stupid. So, I have to have a library card to check out some books?”

Me: “Yes, you have to have a library card in order to check out library books.”

(Not a hard concept. I guess common sense is lacking in today’s society.)

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