Libraries Excuses Why They Don’t Reserved Held Books Do Not Hold Up

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(I’ve recently joined a book club, and last month a book I needed was checked out of the library, so I had to purchase it. As soon as I find out the book for this month, I use the library’s website to place a hold on the book so I can pick it up before someone else checks it out. I get to the library two days later — the hold is still valid — and don’t see my book on the shelf with the other held items. I go and talk to a library aide.)

Me: “Excuse me. I placed a hold on a book, and I don’t see it on the hold shelves.”

Aide: “Oh, the book might not be here yet.”

Me: “I don’t understand; I checked the library website and it said you had one in stock.”

Aide: “We might, but that might not be the one the computer is using for the hold.”

Me: “I’m not understanding.”

Aide: “When a hold is requested, the computer picks a random library for the book to come from. It might not be from this library.” *checks the computer* “Yeah, it looks like your book is coming from [town 45 minutes away].”

Me: “But you have the book here.”

Aide: “Yes, but your book is coming from the other library.”

Me: “Okay… Can I just check out the one you have here, then, and cancel my other hold?”

(Luckily, I was able to do that. It seems like a really poor system for a library group.)

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