Liberated To Also Speak My Mind  

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(I’m busy typing up a document for one customer, while another one comes and sits at my desk. He is already being assisted by my coworker and just wanted to sit down. Both my coworker and I are female.)

Customer: “Wow, you have the easiest job in the world.”

Me: *chuckling* “Typing is easy, sure, but that’s not all I do. We have to know how to use all these machines, design logos and business cards, use a wide variety of software…”

Customer: “Well, it’s air-conditioned in here!”

Me: “Sure, but each of these copiers and the laminating machines have operating temperatures at or above 300°F. When they’re all working, we get pretty sweaty back here.”

Customer: *getting flustered* “Well, you’re the one who wanted to be a liberated woman and work for a living!”

(It’s pretty clear that this man has a poor view of women in the workplace. I decide not to let him get me worked up.)

Me: *cheerfully* “Yep! I certainly do want to work for a living. It’s nice having cash to pay the bills and I’m not afraid of a little hard work!”

Customer: *laughs scornfully, like he doesn’t believe what I’m saying*

Me: *continues typing the document I was working on*

Customer: “Well, what about your coworker, eh? She’s a cutie! Right? A little cutie!”

Me: “I’m afraid I’m probably not the best judge of that, sir.”

(The customer seemed offended that I wouldn’t join him in leering at my coworker, grunted, and left my desk. Thank goodness!)

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