| Cincinnati, OH, USA | Learning | July 7, 2016

(My biology teacher is very outspoken and isn’t afraid to hold anything back. The only friend I really have in the class is a gay guy, and I’m a female. We sit next to each other and are always talking and laughing throughout class. He’s not the stereotypical gay guy, and could easily pass as straight. He’s been out for a few years and everyone knows about it.)

Teacher: “Your only biological goal in life as humans is to survive and reproduce. To reproduce, you need to find a mate. So, people go out and they start dating, like [My Name] and [Friend]…”

(Everyone starts laughing, and my teacher gets extremely confused.)

Teacher: *looks at me and my friend* “Wait, I thought you two were dating?”

(My friend and I look at each other and begin laughing again.)

Teacher: “I was positive you two were together.”

(My friend looks at me and then puts on a completely straight face and locks eye contact with my teacher.)

Friend: “I’m gay.”

(My teacher looks flustered, but then smiles a little.)

Teacher: “So am I.”

(Apparently, she has been married to her wife for five years and they adopted two children together!)

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