Letting Them Off With A Light Warning

| Working | October 22, 2013

(It’s nighttime, and my boyfriend and I are in the car, with my boyfriend driving. My boyfriend notices a dark van driving around without any headlights on. He flashes his lights at them to signal that their lights are off, but the driver of the van continues to ignore him. My boyfriend flashes his lights a second time. Instead of turning on its headlights, the van pulls over and lets him pass, but then puts on its lights and sirens as it turns out to be an unmarked cop car, and pulls us over.)

Officer: “What’s going on? What are you doing?”

Boyfriend: “Your headlights weren’t on and I was trying to signal to you to turn them on. I just thought a dark van driving at night without its lights on was dangerous.”

(The officer realizes his mistake.)

Officer: “Oh. Uh, I see…”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to cause any alarm. I just wanted to signal your lights were off.”

Officer: “Oh, okay, okay. Um, huh, I see. Well, I’ll let you go then.”

Boyfriend: “Okay. Goodnight.”

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