The Only Letter That’s Useful Is A Four-Letter Word

, , , | Working | October 10, 2017

(I have an appointment with my neurologist scheduled for December 22nd. The night before, I go on their online scheduling system to double check the appointment time, but it says I have no upcoming appointments. However, it says I missed an appointment on the 16th, which doesn’t make any sense because I had college finals on that day and would not have scheduled an appointment then. I call the office as soon as I get up the next morning.)

Me: “Hello, I had an appointment scheduled for December 22nd, but [Online System] says I don’t have any appointments coming up, and I missed an appointment on the 16th. I pulled out my visit summary sheet, and it says I scheduled my next appointment for the 22nd, not the 16th, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Do I still have an appointment?”

Receptionist: “Hmm, let me see… No, you don’t have an appointment today. Hm. Oh, I see what happened! It looks like your doctor cancelled the appointment for his holiday. [Other Receptionist] rescheduled it for you and sent you a letter letting you know.”

(It takes me a few seconds to comprehend this. In 2016, this person decided the best way to contact me was a letter, even though they have my phone number, email address, and a personal messaging system through their scheduling site.)

Me: “She… what? I never got a letter. I’ve gotten a couple of bills from [Hospital], but I definitely didn’t get a letter.”

Receptionist: “Well… hm. Give me a minute, I’m going to transfer you to her.” *a minute later* “Huh, she’s not answering for some reason. Did you just want to reschedule? We’ll put you on a waiting list in the meantime.”

Me: “Yeah, okay, sure. When can you get me in?”

Receptionist: “How does June 28th at 8:30 in the morning work for you?”

Me: *thinking I heard her wrong* “I… I’m sorry, the 28th of what?”

Receptionist: “Of June.”

Me: *faintly* “Do you… have anything later in the day?”

Receptionist: “How about July 5th at 11:30 am?”

Me: “Sure, I’ll… take that.”

Receptionist: “All right, then. You’re scheduled for July 5th at 11:30! You have a great day.”

(I realized afterward I probably should have kicked up more of a fuss, but I was honestly still in shock over the entire situation. It’s now become a running joke between me and my partner to go, “A letter. They sent a LETTER!” We’ll see if I actually get in earlier or not.)

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