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Let’s Start Again With A Clean Sheet

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(It is around midnight. The housekeepers have left for the day and I’m the only one there. I have one more arrival, asking for a rollaway bed. Since the guests’ requests are the housekeepers’ job, I assume the rollaway bed is in there already. The guest says that it is not. Luckily, I find one and bring it to their room.)

Guest: “Thanks a lot! Do you have sheets, too?”

Guest’s Wife: “I can’t believe there are no sheets for this rollaway! This is outrageous!”

Me: “Hold on, I’ll bring some.”

(I go and get the sheets and bring them to the couple.)

Guest’s Wife: “I can’t believe this hotel; first, it doesn’t have our rollaway that we requested, and then, when it comes, it doesn’t have sheets and we have to ask for them!” *continues ranting*

Me: “Sorry about that; it’s usually the housekeeper’s job to fulfill the guest requests.”

Guest’s Wife: “No, it’s your job! You work here, don’t you?!”

(She continues to rant and call me nasty names, and right away her husband cuts her off.)

Guest: “Now, honey, we got it, so there’s no problem.” *to me* “Thank you very much. Here’s a tip for bringing these things to us.”

Me: *shocked* “You’re welcome!”

(He closed the door and I could hear the wife still nagging about how outrageous the hotel was for not having things ready. That was the first time, in the five years I’ve been working here, that a man had spoken up against his wife! Made my day!)

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