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Let’s Not Pool Our Resources

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Many years ago, I purchased a home in a nice neighborhood. The backyard was fenced all the way around with a six-foot-high wooden privacy fence. The neighbor behind me had an in-ground pool. Local regulations called for his pool to be completely enclosed by a fence. He had fencing on the sides and front and used my fence back as his fence back. Fair enough.

After several years, my fence started falling apart. Not having grown up in a fenced-in yard, I decided to take it down and not replace it. Knowing this would affect my neighbor, I wanted to let him know. I walked around the block and rang the doorbell. He answered the door.

Me: “Hi, I’m your neighbor from behind you. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be taking my fence down in a few weeks and I won’t be replacing it.”

Neighbor: “You can’t do that. My pool needs to be enclosed. I need a fence along the back.”

Me: “I understand that. That’s why I’m giving you some advance notice so you can make whatever arrangements you need to make.”

Neighbor: “No, I need you to maintain a fence along the back edge.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I don’t have a pool and have no legal requirement to maintain a fence at all.”

Neighbor: “Well, then, I’ll just put a chain-link fence around the pool. You’ll be without a privacy fence.”

Me: “You do what you want. My fence is coming down and I’m not replacing it. Have a nice day.”

I returned home, thinking that was the end of it. An hour later, my doorbell rang. I answered the door to find my neighbor standing there.

Neighbor: “I was thinking about it. My fence is getting old, too. I’ll replace the whole thing around my pool, including the back, and we can split the cost.”

Me: “No. No, that’s not going to happen.”

He wanted to replace his entire fence and have me pay for half of it. Nice try, dude.

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