Let’s Just Call It A Tie

| Romantic | July 1, 2012

(My husband and I are texting. I am currently driving a borrowed minivan and am parking at work which I have affectionately dubbed “The Evil Place”.)

Me: “The one thing I hate about big vehicles—other than the mileage—is parking garages.”

Husband: “Just imagine you are flying the Millennium Falcon through the middle of an asteroid!”

Me: “Um…”

Husband: “Or an X-Wing through the Death Star, if you are at the Evil Place.”

Me: “Closer, but they had more maneuverability and speed.”

Husband: “But not quite so much as a TIE fighter!”

Me: “Also, I’m not evil.”

Husband: “X-wing pilots aren’t evil!”

Me: “You said TIE fighter!”

Husband: “The TIE fighter are faster and more manoeuvrable. Thus, you cannot be driving a TIE fighter. I was offering a relativity comparison.”

Me: “Yes, but I also cannot be driving a TIE fighter because I am not evil. Although I am doing some work for them.”

Husband: “You can’t extend the metaphor too far. I was just offering advice on how to make parking garages more fun in the van.”

Me: “I was simply adding another reason why I wasn’t in a TIE fighter.”

Husband: “Okay. I never intended to suggest flying a TIE fighter. You said the comparison wasn’t perfect, as X-wings are fast and manoeuvrable, unlike the van. I offered the TIE fighter as a counterpoint to that argument, as there are cars that are faster and more manoeuvrable, comparatively. These would be the TIE fighter, leaving the van, as slower and less manoeuvrable than the cars, a suitable facsimile (given the scenario) for an X-wing. Your supporting argument of not being evil supported that scenario. I misunderstood your reasoning for noting the fact. I apologize.”

Me: “I love us!”

Husband: “Why?”

Me: “Because, we are awesome and have brilliant text discussions. Also, a Y-Wing fits the analogy even better!”

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