Let’s Hug It Out

| Friendly | October 22, 2016

(The dealership where I work has most of the service employees on a rotating schedule: people are on either the A schedule and B schedule and unless someone is covering for someone else or picking up extra hours, the A-shift and B-shift employees rarely interact. I am one of the few odd ducks who still works regular days — Monday to Friday in my case. My previously far-and-away best work friend is on the A shift and was recently gone for a couple months on tour with his band, then came back to work Thursday and Friday before my weekend off. In the intervening time while he was away I was temporarily on the B schedule. I hit it off with one of the B-shift mechanics as we were working more closely together, and our friendship has carried on. It is Wednesday and I haven’t seen my A-shift coworkers since Friday. A-shift friend and I greet each other with a hug.)

Me: “Yay! My A-shift hugbuddy is back!”

Coworker: *instantly suspicious* “WHAT? WHO THE F*** IS YOUR B-SHIFT HUGBUDDY?!”

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