Let’s Hope Stupidity Isn’t Contagious, Part 2

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I’m a cashier. We have certain restaurant restrictions for health reasons. Half of our tables and chairs are tied up with ribbons in order for the customers to “get the message” that those particular tables and chairs are off-limits. We even have signs that say in huge, bold print, “This table is out of service.”

The evidence is plain as day.

And even now, I get pestered with the following questions and complaints:

Customer #1: “Can I sit here?”

Customer #2: “Is it okay if I squeeze in here?”

Customer #3: “Can my whole group fit in here?”

Customer #4: “What do you mean, I can’t sit here?”

Customer #5: “You mean I’ll have to eat my food outside?”

Customer #6: “So, where else am I supposed to sit?”

Customer #7: “You need more tables!”

Customer #8: “Those [expletive] signs!”

The worst part is that they act like this is somehow my fault, or they dare me to tell them otherwise, as if I can somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat.

It’s not my problem you’re bringing so many people to the restaurant at one time… half of which, I might add, aren’t even wearing masks like they’re supposed to. High school kids are the worst.

Let’s Hope Stupidity Isn’t Contagious

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