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Let’s Hope His Rounding Up Doesn’t End Up On One Of Our Roundups

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I was in college in 1997. I ordered a pizza from a college-town pizza chain one Saturday night from my dorm.

The only payment I had was a check. I didn’t have cash or a credit card. The pizza was ridiculously cheap; I want to say it was $6.95, but back then, it could have been $4.95. I don’t remember. The important thing is the $0.95.

I rounded the check up to the next dollar. Yes, I wrote a check for $5.00 for a $4.95 pizza. Or maybe $6.00 for a $5.95. Either way, it was horrible.

I remember the delivery guy was super friendly. I was new at school, and he was commiserating with my move-in situation. Then, after I handed him the check:

Delivery Guy: “Wait, I have some change for you.”

Me: “Oh, no, keep the change.”

Delivery Guy: “No, here’s your nickel.”

I have never been more ashamed in my life. This episode still comes up when I try to sleep.

I have tipped the max ever since.

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