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Let Your Employees Heal, For F***’s Sake!

, , , | Working | June 8, 2022

I worked the night shift as a senior carer. One morning, I had a spasm through my neck and shoulder and couldn’t move my head at all. I needed help to stand due to pain. I hoped it would ease through the day, but by 3:00 pm, I still couldn’t move.

I contacted the off-duty seniors to see if I could cover the shift and got a possible yes. I called work at 4:00 pm — my shift was to start at 8:00 pm — and spoke to my superior.

Supervisor: “Can’t you just come in?”

Me: “I can’t physically f****** move without help. [Husband] is having to help me go for a f****** piss. How the f*** do you expect me to assist anyone with anything? I’ve tried to sort cover for you. Next time, I won’t f****** bother.

And then, I hung up. I expected to get written up but surprisingly didn’t.

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