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Let The Record Note That I Am An Idiot

, , , , | Learning | July 1, 2018

I’m the idiot here. I am in an art/music history class, and we are talking about Gregorian Chants. I knew full well that they were used long before any recording equipment was around, so I really have no excuse.

Somehow, something the professor said about, “We’re about to listen to a recording of a chant that was found very recently,” tripped up my brain. He meant, “The notes for this tune were found recently,” but I heard, “We found this recording recently.”

On my way out of class, I mentioned to the professor how interesting it was that the woman on the recording sounded like she had modern training, even back then. He gave me a very strange look, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until a while later that I realized what I had said.

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