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Let Me Tell You Where You Can Shove It

, , , | Right | September 7, 2021

I work as a cashier at a food shop where you order and pay at the counter and then wait outside for your food. We have the customers insert their own cards in the card reader, but they don’t always see the correct slot, meaning they usually try putting the chip in where you’re supposed to swipe instead of the actual chip reader. Most of the time, this doesn’t cause any issues when I point it out; the customer will just laugh and put their card in the right slot.

Me: “Oh! It’s actually gonna be this slot.”

I point at the slot with my finger right above it.

Customer: “What?!”

He sets the card on top of the reader. I keep trying to show him where to actually put his card and his daughter even tries helping out. He cannot figure it out. He even turns his card to the side as if to swipe but instead of swiping, he tries inserting it just like that.

Eventually, I just ask for his card, insert it myself, and then hand it back.

Customer: “That’s where I had it the first time.”

Because I’ve worked in customer service for six years, I just smiled and finished the transaction without saying anything, but oh, my god, our readers scan the cards so fast, I know you didn’t have your card there to begin with.

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