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Let Me Introduce My Special(ty) Friend

, , , , | Friendly | June 16, 2022

My friend is a self-employed therapist doing telehealth. I was talking to her during a car ride about a problem I ran into and she gave me some unexpected helpful advice on the subject.

Me: “How do you know all that?”

Friend: “It’s one of my specialties.”

Me: “Another one?! How many specialties do you have?”

Friend: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, let’s see. You specialize in relationship consoling, LGBT issues, helping sexual assault survivors, hypnotherapy, and about a dozen other things I’ve already forgotten. At this point, it would be faster to just tell me what you don’t specialize in.”

Friend: “What can I say? It’s the nature of the job; you need to learn how to handle a wide range of things.”

Me: “All I’m saying is that if the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow and we all get stranded in an airport, when they ask if anyone knows how to fly a plane, I could totally see you declaring it’s your specialty and flying us all to safety.”

Friend: “Oh, actually, I used to have a private pilot license.”

Me: “SEE?!”

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