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Let Me Bug You For Five Seconds

| Working | August 19, 2016

(We have recently discovered bedbugs in our apartment. After calling the management company for our apartment complex, we are told that someone will be out to inspect it, and that we should look for signs posted in the hallway telling us when this will happen. After a few days we have not seen any signs, and are concerned because we know that the infestation will only get worse if it is not acted upon quickly. My partner tries to call them again to get an update on the situation, but there is no answer.)

Partner: *leaving a message* “Hello, I’m calling from [Address] at [Apartment Complex]—”

Machine: “BEEP!”

Partner: *staring at the phone in confusion* “It… only gave me five seconds to leave a message…”

Brother: “Try again, and this time just scream “BEDBUGS! CALL ME BACK!””

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