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Less Than The Going Rate

| Working | August 11, 2014

(I get my first pay after starting in my first part-time job. I go to buy a PlayStation as well as certain game.)

Cashier: *looks at the game* “Can I see your ID?”

Me: *shows him my ID, only then noticing that the game was rated 16*

Cashier: *smugly* “I can’t sell you this. You thought you could fool me, didn’t you?”

(I went to find something else as having a console without games kind of sucks. To my surprise I found the exact same game, only on this copy it said ‘rated ’15”, so I picked it and returned to the counter. The cashier, seeing the game, made a face and was about to say something when I pointed at the box saying ’15.’ He remained silent and scanned the game. The best part? Turned out the original copy actually cost more!)

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