Les Try And Explain This Once Again

| Working | June 24, 2013

(I am a gay woman, working in a hotel, supervising staff. Two honeymooning women walk into the hotel.)

Honeymooner #1: “Hello, we have reservations for our room…”

(She lists the information for the room.)

Receptionist: “But that’s a one-bed room. Should I change that to a two-bed?”

Honeymooner #2: “No, there’ll be no need.”

Receptionist: “Don’t be silly. I’ll get you a two-bed.”

Honeymooner #1: “We’re on our honeymoon.”

Receptionist: “No need to lie. It’s no trouble.”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Honeymooner #2: “We really don’t need another bed. We just got married.”

Receptionist: “They’re just being silly. I’ll get them another room.”

Me: “I think they’re telling the truth.”

Receptionist: “No, they can’t be. Two women can’t get married.”

Me: “I’m married and I’m a lesbian.”

Receptionist: “You’re not being serious, are you?!”

Me: “No, and you’ve met my wife!”

(I ended up having to explain a lot to the receptionist. And she still didn’t understand, even after meeting my wife!)

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