Les Be More Than Friends

| Related | June 28, 2013

Me: “Did my friend call?”

Big Brother: “No, why?”

Me: “She’s coming over here. We’re doing homework together.”

Big Brother: “She’s coming here?!”

Me: “Uh… yeah.”

Big Brother: “Are you two gonna do lesbo stuff?”

Me: “WHAT?”

Big Brother: “Girls always do lesbo stuff when they’re alone together! You know, like kissing, and feeling each other’s boobs, and having pillow fights…”

Me: “Would you stop it?!”

Big Brother: “Hey, it’s cool with me!”

(At that moment there’s a knock on the door. My big brother answers it. My friend sweeps past him and throws her arms around me.)

Friend: “Darling! My heart ached from being apart from you so long!”

(She starts covering my face with kisses, and rubs my back.)

Big Brother: “I knew it! I gotta get my camera!”

(He dashes out of the room, and I untangle myself from my friend. She is laughing like a madwoman.)

Me: “What the h*** was that about?!”

Friend: “Oh, I just heard him talking about ‘lesbo stuff’ through the door, and just wanted to screw with his mind.”

(The two of us crack up laughing, then hurry upstairs to my bedroom. We can hear my big brother cursing about how he missed the ‘hot lesbo action’.)

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