Law Enforcement Roundup

| General | June 1, 2018

In honor of our new Legal category, here are some of our best stories about, by, and from our law enforcement communities.


Some Days Start Off With A Bang — An explosive day at the Cop Shop.

Rare Flashes of Intelligence — His eye for detail isn’t quite what they need.

Driving Miss Crazy, Part 2 — Entitled Jerk + Scene of Accident = Disaster About To Happen.

Doesn’t Have The Head For This Kind Of Work — This guy needs 911 like he needs a…

You’re Chalked And They’re Cheese(d Off) — When you outsmart yourself right into a ticket.

Emergency Services Must Be Pooped — Something smelled about this call.

So Cute You Could Just Eat Them Up — Who does the fox eat?

Driving In Laps — Apparently this poor officer pulled over a Clown Car.

Respect For Convenience Trumps Respect For The Dead — She wouldn’t accept that no means no, so she got a time-out!

An Emerging Emergency — This kid is learning when to call 911… sorta…


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