Lego Up There

| Learning | March 22, 2017

(I am covering for a sick teacher. I normally teach special-ed but she teaches grade one. As I’m sitting at my desk, a kid shuffles over to me.)

Kid: “Mrs. [My Name]?”

Me: “Yes?”

Kid: “I have a Lego stuck up my nose. Can you help me?”

Me: *startled* “Why did you put a Lego up your nose?”

Kid: “I wanted to see if it fit!”

(We’ve had problems at this school where parents freak out if we touch their kids so we aren’t allowed to even let them sit on our laps. Keep in mind, kids in grade one are six to seven years old, and they’re kind of touchy-feely so it’s quite a task. We can’t touch them but have to be careful to make sure they aren’t upset about it. I had to verbally guide the kid on how to get the Lego out of his nose. Luckily, he got it out before I had to call paramedics.)

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