Legendary Persuasion Skills

| Romantic | October 2, 2013

(My boyfriend and I both play an online arena game called ‘League of Legends’ where only the player who gives the last shot on the enemy gets the kill point while those who fought alongside only get the assist point. My boyfriend and Friend #1 have tried for some time to convince Friend #2 to subscribe, but he still refuses. I tell my boyfriend that I’ll convince him.)

Me: *during a phone conversation* “Hey, why don’t you join us on League of Legends? It would be fun!”

Friend #2: “Yeah, I’m not so sure.”

Me: “Oh come on! I’m still low level; you can learn with me! We’ll make a team of our own with [Boyfriend] and [Friend #1]!”

Friend #2: “Well okay then; let’s do this.”

(We hang up, and I feel rather proud.)

Me: “See! I told you I would convince him!”

Boyfriend: “Well, of course it was easy! [Friend #1] and I have been working on him for months; it doesn’t count.”

Me: “Who cares? I get the kill; you two only get the assist! Skill, honey, skill!”

Boyfriend: “I think you play too much.”

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