Legally Wed With Nothing To Dread

, , | Hopeless | October 15, 2016

(I have come out as a lesbian at age 20, and married a short three years later, when same-sex marriage is legal in my state, but not federally. Through all of this, my best friend from childhood has supported me; I am close with her family as well, but didn’t tell them, since they’re first-generation immigrants and very religious. I am talking with my friend about my honeymoon; my wife and I had a courthouse wedding just after legalization and so there was no ceremony.)

Me: “So anyway, we’ll be near you for the honeymoon trip, if you want to meet us for a quick lunch or something!”

Friend: “I’d love to, but you know I’m still living with my parents and they don’t want me to drive that far and go to [Major City] alone all day. You know how they are. But my mom is semi-retired and she would be happy to go with me!”

Me: “Okay, but meet us by yourself, okay? I mean, your mom doesn’t know about me and I don’t want it to be weird!”

Friend: “Haha. No, it won’t be weird. I told my family you were gay ages ago!”

Me: “…and?”

Friend: “No big deal at all! My family seems to think that, um, you’re still a good person, and at least you’re getting married instead of clubbing or hooking up! Now, let’s check our schedules!”

(Meeting my friend didn’t end up working out, but when my wife and I got home, there was a huge package by our door. Curious, I open it and read the note.)

Note: “[Friend] told me how your wife loves to cook, and you don’t have much house stuff since you’re young. So I hope you enjoy these. [Friend] and I wanted to go in on a nice gift! These are better for you than that nonstick cookware!”

(It was signed by my friend’s mother. I think I worried for no reason!)

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