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Leftist Pretention

| Learning | February 10, 2014

(At the university I’m attending, there’s a guy who’ll frequently want to talk to me and my friend for some reason. This guy has a VERY pretentious air about him, and when someone has differing tastes in media than he does, he acts somewhat condescendingly. Today, we’re having computer-aided design (CAD) classes all day, and we’ve just returned from lunch. The guy decides to sit next to my friend and takes the computer I used before we left. I’m left-handed, so the mouse is on the left side.)

Guy: “What kind of a f****** idiot would have their mouse like this?!”

Me: “That ‘f*****g idiot’ is me. I’m left-handed.”

Guy: “So am I, but I always use my right hand for the mouse.”

Friend: “So… you’re left-handed, but you use the mouse right-handedly?”

Guy: *slight scoff* “Yes! It’s much better!”

(I hadn’t realized you could sound pretentious about which hand you operated a computer with!)

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