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Left Out Of The Leftover Explanation

| Working | May 1, 2016

(I had just been hired to work at a historical site as an educator and I was just starting to meet my coworkers when the following moment happened.)

Boss: “Welcome to [Historic Site]! Let me introduce you to [Young, Male Coworker].”

Me: “Hi! Great to meet you!”

(Male coworker and I greet each other and continue with our opening procedures.)

Boss: *to Young, Male Coworker* “By the way, I brought you leftovers for lunch but if you don’t want them you can just GET YOUR OWN LUNCH!”

(I am very confused; her tone fell somewhere between playful and angry. I don’t say anything but my boss noticed my confused facial expression.)

Boss: “Oh! [Young, Male Coworker] is my son!”

Me: “Oh! Everything makes sense now!”

Boss: “Yes. I’m afraid I don’t bring leftovers for all of my coworkers.”

(My boss and her son are great!)

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