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‘Left’ Her Amazed

Learning | July 20, 2017

(I work weekends at a falconry center and on this occasion I’m doing a birthday party for a group of six year olds. Because of their age most of their parents have stayed to watch and supervise. We’ve just finished going over the health and safety and I’m handing out the protective falconry gloves for them to wear. Note that in traditional falconry the glove is always worn on your left hand, irrespective of whether you are right- or left-handed.)

Me: “Okay, guys. Remember that the glove goes on your left hand. If you can’t remember which is left hold your hands in front of you and the hand where the thumb and first finger make an ‘L’ is the left one.” *turns my back to them and demonstrates*

Parent #1: *looks at me like I’ve just told her the meaning of life, the universe, and everything* “Oh, my god! I’ve never realised that. Look, [Child], your left hand makes an ‘L’ with your thumb and finger! Isn’t that cool!”

Child: “I know, mum. We learnt that at school weeks ago.”

Parent #1: “Look, [Parent #2], the finger and thumb on your left hand make an ‘L’. ‘L’ for left. Isn’t that so useful!”

Parent #2: “Umm… I guess. We’ve known that for a while now.” *edges away*

(Over the course of the party the parent went on to tell at least three more people about it and when her partner arrived to collect them at the end she walked out the gate still going on about the ‘amazing’ new trick she’d learnt. I admit it’s a useful trick to help children (and adults apparently) learn left from right but I didn’t know it was that amazing!)

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