Left At The Hereafter

, , , | Right | August 23, 2010

(I have to talk to many different dentists throughout the day. The old ones speak in a very old-fashioned Norwegian.)

Me: “[Company]; this is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Client: “Yes, you see, my customer just left, and I forgot to take a copy of his bill. Could you send me a new one?”

Me: “Sure, miss, but I can see you live quite the distance from here. May I suggest calling the customer to get it back, or get the numbers? I am quite sure it’ll be easier for you.”

Client: “But you don’t understand! He just left!”

Me: “I understand, miss. I still believe it would be easier for you if you just called the customer, though.”

Client: “What part of ‘he just left’ is so hard to understand? He left!”

Me: “I see. I’m sorry if I bothered you with my opinions. I’m printing out a copy of the bill right as we speak, and it’ll be out by tomorrow at noon.”

Client: “Good. That’s all right then.” *mumbles to herself* “…asking me to call his widow for the bill. Outrageous.”

Me: “Widow? Excuse me, miss, but is your customer dead?”

Client: “Oh, so now you get it, huh? I told you, he left!”

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