Leaving Their Phone Behind Is Taking The Funnel Cake

, , , , | Right | November 29, 2018

I work at an amusement park. It was the last day the park was open for the season, and some teenagers came in and plugged their phones into an outlet in the back of the store.

I went up to them and asked them to unplug, but they told me their phones were dead and it would only be ten minutes. I decided to play nice and told them it okay.

My team leads were cool with it, since it was the last day, but then the kids started dropping their funnel cakes all over the floor, and it got on some merchandise. Then they decided to just leave their phones in the corner and walk around the store.

My team leads and I were daring each other to steal their phones and put them behind the counter to teach them a lesson, but none of us had the guts

They were the last guests in the store, and since it was bad customer service to ask a guest to leave outright so we could clean up, we got security to come in and guide them outside.

Of course, they left without cleaning up any of their mess, and we had to throw out some merchandise because they got it dirty.

But hey, we had good customer service at least. (Note: sarcasm.)

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