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Leaving The Register Is Slow To Register

| Working | November 8, 2013

(I have been working at the same grocery supermarket for five years as a simple cashier. I have recently handed in my resignation letter, because working there makes me depressive, and I want to focus on my other jobs and studies. At the beginning of my shift, my manager comes to see me.)

Manager: “Is it true you’re leaving?”

Me: “Yes, I want to focus on my other jobs.”

Manager: “Man! How am I going to manage this place with you gone? I’ll make you change your mind; you’ll see.”

(I laugh it off. A few days later, business is slow, and I’m speaking with my supervisor and mentioning my leaving.)

Supervisor: “Really? How are we going to manage without you?”

Me: “I’m just a cashier! Anyone can do my job.”

Supervisor: “Not as seriously as you do! Let’s check the employee list…”

(She then names every employee who is below me.)

Supervisor: “She’s lazy, she’s always talking with her, she was made supervisor but everyone hates her, she always complains, he’s just a big douche, she’s always late, he’s never available when we need him. See? You’re one of our best employees!”

(I felt sorry for her and my manager, but I didn’t change my mind!)

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