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Leaving Ice Cream Lovers Out In The Cold

, , , , , | Working | October 7, 2020

My roommate and I want to go out for ice cream, so we decide to go to a famous soft-serve ice cream chain. They also sell burgers and other hot food. We come upon the drive-thru; there are a few cars in front, and we think nothing of it. Another car pulls up behind me so there is no getting out at this point.

Then, it all starts going downhill. Several minutes pass; not a single car has budged. We have nowhere to go so we are trying to be patient. Ten minutes pass. Still no moving; we haven’t even gotten to the menu screen. After another five minutes, we move forward, but we’re still not able to order. More minutes pass. I’m already impatient at this point, and so is my roommate. We finally get up to the intercom and we are told to wait, so we read the menu. After about five more minutes they finally ask for what we’d like.

We just want simple cones. We are told the ice cream machine is “broken down” and has been for two weeks. No sign on the drive-thru menu states it, but they can’t do ice cream at any capacity — one of their specialty shakes, cones, or any ice cream item whatsoever. Fed up at this point, we just tell them we want nothing.

We have to sit in the drive-thru another fifteen minutes just to get out. 

Their Google, Yelp, and Facebook are flooded with complaints about the annoyingly slow service and poor management.

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