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Leaving A Lasting Impression

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Artsy_Trashbin | July 25, 2021

Back in my high school days, when my friends and I were sixteen to eighteen, we went to a tiny diner out of town. All of us worked in the service industry so we would tip pretty decently. I think the bill came to around $80, and I just put in a $100 in the bill book and we left.

After we got in the car and drove a few miles, my friend asked if we thought it was enough that she only tipped our waitress $15. I expressed that I’d tipped her about $20 already, after which my other friend chimed in that she’d left a twenty on the table. We laughed it off and said we probably made her day with the over 65% tip.

Three years later, we were passing through that town and we decided to stop by that same diner. Lo and behold, the waitress was there and she remembered us! She mentioned that she was lowkey confused at the amount of cash left after the tip my friend handed to her but was grateful as it helped her buy her son a birthday present. It’s just amazing how she remembered after three years.

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