Leaves Everything Out

| Houston, TX, USA | Right | July 22, 2012

(I’ve just finished explaining the teas we have to a customer.)

Me: “Have you decided what tea you would like today? Do you want hot or cold?”

Customer: “I want a hot tea.”

Me: “Alright. We have green, black, and herbal.”

Customer: “I want a normal, unflavored tea.”

Me: “Okay, well we have southern black tea and our store’s Earl Grey.”

Customer: “I don’t want black tea.”

Me: “Well, we have at least four of each of the green or herbal.”

Customer: “No green, and no fruity herbal.”

Me: “Unfortunately, this location does not sell white tea, but white is just baby green. However, I—”

Customer: “I just want a cup of hot, no-flavor-of-any-kind tea!”

Me: “Hot…water?”

Customer: “YES!”

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  • Dsru Bin


  • Skip Bin

    I’ve known people who just drank hot water, but they were generally better at explaining what they wanted.

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      I’m one of those. Occasionally that’s all I want. But I SAY “hot water” and don’t go through some bizarre crap about “no-flavour tea” … since of course if it hasn’t had tea leaves steeping in it, it’s not tea.