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“Leave” It For Them To Figure Out

, , , , | Right | April 29, 2019

(I’m working as a customer service representative for a well-known university/health system’s parking department. Part of my job involves answering the phones when customers at the gates at the entrances and exits of the garages hit the “attendant” button. My phone rings and I get this:)

Me: “Parking, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. There’s someone blocking the gate and my gate is open.”

Me: “Are they just sitting in front of you, or are they trying to turn onto the street?”

(I am in an office in a different building, with no way to contact a random car that is past the gate.)

Customer: “They’re over in the other lane but they’re just sitting there. Can I leave?”

Me: “They are not in front of you, sir, and your gate is up?”

Customer: “That’s right. Can I leave?”

Me: “Sir, if your gate is up, you are welcome to leave.”

Customer: *drives off*

Question of the Week

Have you ever served a bad customer who got what they deserved?

I have a story to share!