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At Least Their Heart Is In The Right Place

, , , , | Friendly | September 22, 2017

(My friend has taken ill, and has gotten a bit delirious as we are waiting for the ambulance. I have been rubbing her feet, and have felt her pulse on the top of her foot.)

Friend: *clutching at her chest, in a panicked voice* “[My Name], are you there?”

Me: “Yes, I’m here.”

Friend: “I can’t feel my heart!”

Me: “It’s all right; it’s there.”

Friend: “I can’t feel it; can you feel it? Put your hand here.”

(I don’t necessarily want to feel my friend’s chest.)

Me: “It’s all right; I felt it in your foot.”

Friend: “In my foot? Oh, good. I’m glad I didn’t lose it.”

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