At Least You Broke Bread Together

, , , | Right | March 29, 2018

(A woman walks up to the counter with a bag from another store. I think nothing of it because people bring things back in bags that aren’t ours all the time.)

Woman: *sets bag on counter* “Hi! I need to exchange this. It just didn’t fit right.”

(I nod and look in the bag. Inside is a loaf of bread. I look up at the woman, not sure what to say.)

Woman: “The tags are still on it and everything!”

Me: “Er…”

Woman: *looks down at the bag and goes red* “Oh, God! Please just don’t say anything. This is the wrong bag. I’ve just been shopping with my grandchildren. Oh, my God.”

Me: *trying so hard not to laugh* “It’s fine.”

Coworker: “That sounds like something I would do; don’t feel bad.”

(The woman then went to her car and got the right bag, which was one of our bags. Our bags are paper and very large, nothing like the small plastic bags from the other store.)

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