Maturity = 0

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(I am in maths class. We are learning about algebraic equations.)

Teacher: “…12 equals 4q.”

Student #1: *sniggers* “4q…”

Class: *giggling*

Teacher: “What? Oh… 4q…”

Class: *laughing*

Student #2: “I don’t get it.”

(And that is how the maths teacher ended up having to explain how to swear to a student.)

Let The Record Note That I Am An Idiot

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I’m the idiot here. I am in an art/music history class, and we are talking about Gregorian Chants. I knew full well that they were used long before any recording equipment was around, so I really have no excuse.

Somehow, something the professor said about, “We’re about to listen to a recording of a chant that was found very recently,” tripped up my brain. He meant, “The notes for this tune were found recently,” but I heard, “We found this recording recently.”

On my way out of class, I mentioned to the professor how interesting it was that the woman on the recording sounded like she had modern training, even back then. He gave me a very strange look, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until a while later that I realized what I had said.

Security Is Not Streets Ahead

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I live across the street from a pricey college campus. Two blocks up, on the corner, also directly across the street from the campus practice fields, is a convenience store. I stopped to fill up the car one night, and when I went in to pay, I discovered two college girls who didn’t feel safe to leave. Several guys in a van had been following them with the side door of the van opened, and two guys by that van side door.

The thing that really horrified me? They’d called Campus Security, and Campus Security refused to come get them because they weren’t actually on campus property, though they were right across the street from campus! I, of course, drove the girls back to their dorm. My husband was a college professor, so I knew the very pleasant and accessible president of the college. He and I had a conversation about campus safety the next day.

If I were paying tuition at that college and security wouldn’t come across the street to ensure my daughter’s safety, I think what I’d have said to the head of security might have set his ears on fire.

Your Personal Introduction To Plagiarism

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My middle school has two periods dedicated to English: reading and writing. Both are taught by the same teacher. She is not very popular with my class, for many reasons.

One assignment in our writing class is to research and write an essay on a current event. We start out by writing a rough draft. I compile a decent enough body for the paper, filled with lots of quotes about the event I chose, but the part I am particularly proud of is the original introduction I wrote for the paper. I spent a good amount of time on it until I was finally happy with it.

The day after we print off and turn in our rough drafts, out teacher starts the class by lecturing us on plagiarism, stating that she received an obviously plagiarized paper. She then reads this “plagiarized” paper in the most condescending voice I have ever heard, and by the first sentence, I realized that she is reading my paper.

She finishes mockingly reading my introduction, and says that she knows it is plagiarized because no middle-schooler could write that well. She passes back the papers and we are sent to revise our drafts, but she doesn’t say anything else to me. I am quite obviously upset, and not really working on my paper, since my heart isn’t in it.

I later learn that she didn’t even run it through a plagiarism checker before deeming it plagiarized. Later, after a private confrontation, she did accept that I had written the introduction, and had not taken it from another source, but I despised her for the rest of my middle school career.

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Fighting The Cold War With Ignorance

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(We’re in history class, learning about the Cold War.)

Ditzy Girl: “Wait, wasn’t there already a cold war? Like, they invaded Russia and everyone froze to death?”

(We determined she was talking about Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Well, it was definitely cold!)

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